Alankar Ambadas Ramteke, MS (Orth)

Arthritis & Joint Replacement Clinic

Specialist in Knee & Hip Replacement

Arthritis & Joint Replacement Clinic
C-21, 4th Floor, Yugadharm Complex,
Opposite ICICI Bank, Near Hotel Centre Point,
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur 10, MS, INDIA

+91 712 6610301
Opening Hours : Mon to Sat - 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Self Assessment Questionnaire

Self Assessment Questionnaire

Knee pain - self assessment questionnaire. If you have knee pain ( > 6 weeks), fill up this questionnaire by selecting radio button in group that best describes your symptoms, to find out if you should visit a doctor.

1. Walking Ability

2. Stair Climbing

3. Getting up from Chair

4. Squatting

5. Cross-legged sitting

* Any response in red box - consult your doctor
** In addition to knee pain, if you any of (a) low back ache (b) Pain in calves / legs, while walking or
(c) tingling numbness / burning in feet / legs - then evaluation of back / spine in the form of radiographs or MRI is needed
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