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63 years old retired school teacher, 1 year after knee surgery

I underwent both knee surgeries 1 year ago. I feel like normal. I have actually forgotten that I ever underwent any operation. I have travelled to Ahmedabad, where my younger son lives. I have no problems now, in doing all activities of daily living. Cooking, cleaning, walking, shopping, going to temples etc all feels like normal. I am able to do everything. I thank God, that I received his blessings in the form of Dr. Ramteke. I am travelling from Nagpur now to Kashmir & Vaishno Devi. Dr Alankar Ramteke is best knee replacement surgeon at Nagpur. (Mrs Gaidhani is now 7 years post bilateral successful knee replacement).

Mrs. Sushila Gaidhani, Retired school teacher, Nagpur

2 & half years after right total knee replacement

I went to Kashmir a month ago. I was so excited to be able to ride a horse, enjoy the snow and the scenery with all tourists unlike some of my friends, who were limited by their knee pains. My knee feels so normal that I actually forget that I have had a knee replacement.  I often stay at Pune with my daughter. When we go for morning walks my daughter often finds it difficult to catch up with me while climbing the hills. (Mrs Sakhare in now 10 years post bilateral TKR).

Mrs. Premlata Sakhare, WCL, Nagpur

Husband of a patient severely disabled by polyarticular Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was the primary care-taker of my wife for last 8-9 years. Before surgery, life was very tough for us. It took her 30 min to get up from bed and another 30 minutes to walk to the wash-room. She literally cried every morning getting up from bed, daily for last so many years. My work was affected, but looking at my wife's misery, i did not complain. God knows what me & my wife have gone through. 6 months after both knee replacements, life has changed completely. I feel that she is born again - she's got a new life! Tomorrow, me and my wife,along with my daughters, sons-in law and grand-kids.. we all are going to Mount Abu for a vacation. I never imagined, we will be able to enjoy a normal life again.  (Mrs Talwekar is 10 years bilateral succesful knee replacement).

Mr. Talwekar, Nagpur, husband of Mrs. Talwekar

55 years old housewife severely disabled by Rheumatoid Arthritis 6 months after both knee surgeries...

"I was unable to get out of bed easily. I was unable to walk due to excruciating pain in my knees. I had pain in all joints. I was always unhappy and crying in pain. I underwent both knee joint replacement surgery. Within 6 months of bilateral total knee replacement I have benefitted immensely. I am able to do everything now!! My house-help of last 10 years has taken a vacation for 1 month, and I am running my house-hold comfortably. I cook, do all chores, washing, cleaning..everything with least discomfort."

Mrs. S.Talwekar, Nagpur

69 yr old, retired gentleman, one year after both knee replacements

Before surgery, I had very bad pain on walking. There was a time when I felt, that life is difficult. Now I am happy. Now I can do everything I want. I walk 2-3 km daily, ride my scooter, go to market, buy vegetables, travel to Nagpur all alone. I even went to all India tour by train with my wife, daughter & son-in-law.

Mr. V. Gole, Warud, Amravati

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