Alankar A. Ramteke, MS (Orth)

Arthritis & Joint Replacement Clinic

Specialist in Knee & Hip Replacement

Arthritis & Joint Replacement Clinic
C-21, 4th Floor, Yugadharm Complex,
Opposite ICICI Bank, Near Hotel Centre Point,
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur 10, MS, INDIA

Opening Hours : Mon to Sat - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM




Sarinath Lone

"Mrs Chhaya Sarnath Lone, is under treatment of Dr Alankar Ramteke since 2014 for treatment of arthritis. We follow Dr Ramteke to which ever hospital he goes to. We first met him at Ramdaspeth Arthritis and Joint Replacement clinic. When he went to Alexis, We went there to show him. When he went to Wockhardt we went to Wockhardt to consult him. My wife is fully normal after treatment. She walks normally, she does all activities normally. Before treatment she was unable to walk. Unable to do anything. Now she has no complaints but takes medicines regularly."

Sumana Meshram

"We did our mother knee replacement by Doctor Alankar.  He is such wonderful Doctor.  He clear all the doubts and explained all the minute details regarding surgery and post surgery.  Surgery was successful.  I strongly recommend Alankar Doctor for knee replacement."


Harsh Fulambrakar

"Best doctor and surgeon for total knee replacement in Nagpur and Maharashtra. My Auntie very happy after knee replacement. Dr is very good and straight forward. He told us before surgery when my auntie will walk, use commode, use stairs and start doing daily kitchen work and travelling - exactly same things happened. My auntie is very happy & satisfied. Actually we all are pleasantly surprised. We had heard from other people and patients that they had too much pain for first month. My auntie did not feel much pain at all. It was smooth going after surgery. Thank you Dr Ramteke."


Ashish Tripathi

"My mother got operated total hip replacement before 3months and working very well. I am very thankful to Sir for his efforts and treatment. He is very dedicated and sincere Doctor. Dr. Alankar sir is the Best Orthopaedic surgeon and best Total Hip Replacement Surgeon in Nagpur. Patient compliance is very good. We have seen miraculous results after surgery. very Fast recovery in patients. He is a specialist in joint replacements. Staff members are quite supportive at his clinic."


Abhishek Trivedi

"I know Dr Ramteke, as I am from pharma background. My uncle was operated by Dr Alankar Ramteke sir 6 months ago for knee OA. He had a total knee replacement surgery TKR which is extremely successful. My uncle started walking 2 hours after surgery. His recovery was really fast. He never suffered major pain issues during and after TKR. In my opinion Dr Ramteke is one of the best knee replacement surgeons. I would strongly recommend him. Sir is very particular about protocols and asepsis. My family is also very happy with the physio post op. Highly recommended."

Tapan Kumar Chatterjee

"Good morning Sir.  The condition of my Wife's left knee was very bad. She was not able to walk properly, wasn't able to bend her knee and had severe pain. She was avoiding TKR surgery. Finally she agreed and surgery was done on 30/12/2021. It's been two years now. She is not only fine, walks properly, with us she climbed a hill about 50-70 meters without any problem. The  knee replacement surgery was done by Dr. Alankar Ramteke. We are having a good experience of his skill. We wish him all the good wishes  from the core of the heart."


Pankaj Nikalje

"I recently had the pleasure of having my father undergo knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Alankar Ramteke and I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional care and skill demonstrated throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the post-operative follow-ups, Dr. Alankar exhibited an incredible level of professionalism, expertise, and compassion."


Rahul Bondre

"Few of my  known patients has undergone Knee Replacement and results are very good in term of quality of life and pain free day. These patients back to normal life as they can do daily activities."


Chandraprabha Moon

"I got operated 3 months before.. before operation I was difficult in walking and climbing stairs and if I sat down then difficulty to stand again.. after operation I am totally fine just a slight pain. I am thankful to dr. Alankar ramteke for increasing the confidence and understanding every minute things."


Paramjeet Kaur Bhatti

"I have more than 10 yrs of experience with Sir. My mother got operated before 10 yrs and working very well. I am very thankful to Sir for his efforts and treatment.  He is very dedicated and sincere Doctor.  Only Sir encouraged us and give support hence my mom decided for surgery . He is very polite and caring to patients . He is very energetic and skilled professional. My mom is now very happy and painfree just because of sir. I always wish God bless him more strength and long live practice. Thanks a lot Sir."

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